Papua New Guinea networking event in Canberra
February 20, 2015

Australia Awards PNG scholars networking at the event
​Staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Canberra recently had the opportunity to meet with Papua New Guinean Australia Awards recipients who are pursuing higher education opportunities in Australia—many with remarkable stories of courage and determination.
Ms Johnson, Assistant Secretary, Scholarships and Alumni Branch and Mr Hall, Minister-Counsellor Development Assistance, Port Moresby, welcomed the Australia Awards recipients at the networking event held at the Australian National University’s (ANU) University House, on Wednesday 28 January 2015.
They were joined by staff from the ANU, the University of Canberra and the Canberra Institute of Technology.
In his remarks Mr Hall outlined the Government’s priorities and development initiatives for Papua New Guinea. He offered valuable insight into how the recipients were making a real difference once they returned to their communities.
Ms Johnson said the event was a valuable opportunity for DFAT staff to meet the recipients of the program and be inspired by Papua New Guinean citizens from all walks of life who had been offered Australia Awards Scholarships based on their scholarly potential and their capacity to contribute to national development.
Professor McKibbin, Associate Dean of the ANU Research College of Asia and the Pacific also addressed guests at the event, thanking the Australian Government for their support through Australia Awards Scholarships and the strong links that are formed when international students have the opportunity to study at Australian institutions.
There are currently three hundred and thirty nine Papua New Guinean Australia Awards recipients studying in Australia (182 male, 157 female). Thirty four of those are studying in Canberra. The key areas of study are education, governance, health and infrastructure.
The event was a great opportunity for the Australia Awards recipients to share their experiences with DFAT and Australian educational representatives and forge greater people-to-people links between Australia and Papua New Guinea.
Last updated: March 13, 2015