Australia Awards Leadership Program - Independent Opportunities


The Independent Opportunities entitlement is an optional activity under the Australia Awards Leadership Program.

It enables eligible awardees to identify and undertake activities that will contribute to their own leadership and skills development goals. The entitlement is administered by institutions as part of awardees’ scholarship entitlements.
Eligible awardees will be entitled to apply for funding for Independent Opportunities up to the value of $2,000 (AUD) per awardee over the period of their Australia Award.
Awardees may apply for funding multiple activities over the period of their Australia Award provided the total accumulated amount per awardee does not exceed $2,000. One application is required to be completed per activity.
Awardees may apply for the funding at any stage during their scholarship and activities funded must be undertaken during the period of their Australia Award.


Awardees eligible for the Independent Opportunities entitlement are Australia Awards Scholarship recipients that are participating in the Australia Awards Leadership Program and
-        are from the 2014 intake or
-        are from the 2013 intake or
-        are from the 2012 intake and have not accessed any other optional activities under the Leadership Program (i.e. internship or coaching modules).


Supported activities

The Independent Opportunities entitlement provides funds for activities that contribute to the awardee’s academic and professional goals and networks. For example the funding may support:
-        attendance at relevant conferences and seminars
-        opportunities for additional skills development and/or
-        short-term work placements.
The institution Student Contact Officers will arrange payment for approved activities either directly with the service provider or as a reimbursement to the awardee upon presentation of receipts.

Application process

*SCO = Student Contact Officer

For a comprehensive overview of this application process, including responsibilities of Awardees and their Student Contact Officer/s, please click here.


How to apply

Click here to access the Australia Awards Independent Opportunities application form.
If you have any questions in regards to the Australia Awards Independent Opportunities, please email
Last updated: March 4, 2014