Brilliant Australia Awards student from Vietnam wows in Australia
November 17, 2014

​Thanh Tu Tran from Vietnam received an Australia Awards Scholarship and is currently at La Trobe University in Victoria studying her Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
Recently Tu won a bursary to attend the ISANA International Education Association National Conference; she’s also been elected to the La Trobe Student Union Postgraduate Committee.
The bursary to the ISANA National Conference in Adelaide was a competitive process with many applications from international students from Victorian universities. Tu was selected as a student representative from Victoria for her outstanding achievement and level of engagement.
Tu was also awarded the La Trobe Student Union International Student Award for 2014 (awarded to an international student who has shown an exceptional level of commitment to student life at La Trobe and engaging the international student community and wider communities.)
Tu worked as an English teacher in Vietnam, so she wants to further her professional knowledge and skills in order to make a better contribution when she returns. When she received an Australia Award Scholarship she consulted with some friends, before deciding La Trobe was the right university for her.
‘The scholarship gave me such a great and meaningful chance for me to be trained in an international environment so that I am provided with knowledge and skills for me to make effective contributions to my home country when I return,’ says Tu of her Australia Award.
‘I had no difficulty in adjusting to the new life in Australia at all. I think most importantly it was because I had great support from the teachers in the Introductory Academic Program (IAP) course and our contact officers from La Trobe International. I also have many Vietnamese and international friends whose friendship made me less feel homesick in my first period in Melbourne,’ says Tu.
Tu in an active volunteer and tries to be involved in as many activities she can – increasing her enjoyment of the entire experience.
‘I am very much enjoying what I have experienced in Australia in general and at La Trobe University in particular.
‘Among many other voluntary activities that I have been involved in, the most outstanding social experiences were when I volunteered for the International AIDS 2014 Conference and the International Student Host Program at La Trobe University.’
Tu has genuinely loved her time at La Trobe, and feels the campus environment helps.
‘I would like to say that the community on-campus at La Trobe University is so wonderful. I feel that I am so lucky to have a chance to be a member of the La Trobe University community. I had no difficulty in settling in such a nice campus environment.’
Tu believes her time here has helped her develop as an individual.
‘First, my course in the Master of TESOL provides me a lot of professional knowledge and practice for my work in the future. So my professional skills are improved.
‘Secondly, I have had chances to join different community programs and events, which help me to develop personal skills such as communication, organisation and leadership.’
‘I hope that in five years’ time, I will become an experienced and key teacher of English in my province. I will try my best in my career and find a chance to have further study because this way I will have better opportunities to make contributions to my country, particularly in the educational field.’
Story Credit: La Trobe University
Last updated: November 17, 2014