Deepika Rai is undertaking a Masters at the University of Melbourne and plans to help close the gender gap in ICT in Bhutan
May 6, 2015
Australia Awards recipiant Deepika Rai who is studying at the University of Melbourne in Australia 

Meet Australia Awards recipient Deepika Rai from Bhutan who is studying a Master of Information Systems and is in her final year of studies at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Previously Deepika worked in various capacities for the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Bhutan.


A highlight of Deepika’s career to date has been working as a core team member in development of her country’s first e-govt. master plan. She was also involved in the development of an ICT industry roadmap for development of the private sector in Bhutan.


Deepika’s Australia Award Scholarship will enhance Bhutan’s capacity in the Information and Communication Technology sector—a development priority agreed between the Australian government and the Royal Government of Bhutan.


Australia Awards Scholarships are funded by the Australian Government to boost the skills and knowledge of emerging leaders with the potential to drive change and contribute to national development.


Given the dominance of males in the ITC profession in Bhutan, Deepika is driven to be part of this profession not only to represent women but to lead and prove the potential and contribution that women can make.


“I have taken every opportunity to come forward, perform and set a trend that will set a legacy for women.”


Deepika has already mentored another women from Bhutan through the University of Melbourne’s Australia Awards mentoring program. This program matches latter-year scholars with commencing awardees to assist them to settle in Australia and manage their enrolment activities.


“Generally coming from a developing nation, women are bit shy and not open, but this mentor program was a platform for not only helping in the transition but in a true sense encouraging confidence and openness. This program not only allowed me to carry out my mentor duty but also to share experience, support and prepare another women to mentally adapt to the new environment.” Said Deepika


When Deepika completes her studies she plans to return home to positively contribute and make a difference in Bhutan with what she has learnt on her Australia Awards Scholarship.


“I had the opportunity to learn so much within and outside the academic environment that I would like to implement my learning back home. Not only from academic learning but the environment that Australia has promoted for gender balance, fairness and equality and how women are encouraged in Australia. Coming from a developing nation, Bhutan, this is my biggest take away.”


“I extend my gratitude and thank you to Australian government and people of Australia for giving us this profound opportunity to learn and gain enriching experiences.”

Last updated: May 11, 2015