Australia Awards Scholars Celebrate
November 26, 2014

Australia Awards recipients celebrate at the farewell/welcome event in Brisbane
Across Australia the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is hosting celebration events to welcome new Australia Awards Scholars who arrived in second semester 2014 and to farewell graduating Scholars about to depart for home.
The Australia Awards Welcome and Farewell Celebrations kicked off in Canberra on 17 November followed by Brisbane on 24 November.
Leo Jamorin from the Philippines spoke on behalf of Scholarship recipients at the Brisbane event. Graduating with Masters from Griffith University, Leo had been selected for the 2014 Australia Awards Leadership Program. He said the celebrations were a perfect way for awardees to wind up their Australian adventure and that it was not really goodbye but seya later as they returned home to join the Australia Awards alumni and make a significant contribution to development.
Leo (pictured on the left hand side in white) is one of more than 1850 Australia Awards Scholarship recipients expected to graduate in 2014. Australia Awards recipients return to their home countries as the next generation of emerging leaders in their fields, taking with them a world-class education from Australia and a network of social, academic and professional links to help them drive social and economic change.
The 2014 Welcome and Farewell Celebrations are a formal recognition of the accomplishments of graduating Scholars, providing an opportunity for DFAT representatives to personally congratulate them and reaffirm the important role they will play as soft ambassadors for Australia in their home countries.
For the first time the Australia Awards Celebrations included a 'Welcome' to newly-arrived Scholarship recipients, in this case,commencing their studies in second semester 2014.  
These awardees receive a warm welcome from the Australian Government and the State’s academic institutions. They have the chance to network with fellow scholars and VIP guests including Business Council representatives and consular staff.
Welcome and Farewell Celebrations across Australia include:

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Monday 17 November - 4.45pm to 8.00pm
Royal Theatre, Canberra Convention Centre

Brisbane, Queensland

Monday 24 November - 10.45am to 2.00pm
Plaza Terrace Room, Brisbane Convention Centre

Perth, Western Australia

Tuesday 25 November - 12.45pm to 4.00pm
Perth Convention Centre

Sydney, New South Wales

Friday 28 November - 10.45am to 2.00pm
Noble Dining Room, Sydney Cricket Ground

Adelaide, South Australia

Monday 1 December - 12.45pm to 4.00pm
Adelaide Convention Centre

Melbourne, Victoria

Monday 8 December - 10.45am to 2.00pm
Melbourne Convention Centre

For further information on the events or to register your interest please email:
Last updated: November 26, 2014