Indonesia’s Ninik Suhartini will play a positive role in development
March 12, 2015
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Australia Awards recipient Ninik Suhartini from Indonesia

Australia Awards recipient Ninik Suhartini from Indonesia is undertaking a PhD in Architecture at the University of Sydney.
Back home in Jayapura, Papua, she works for the City Government as an urban and regional planner, serving also on the Planning Board which leads the process of planning and development for the country.
She says it’s because of the frustrations she encountered in her work that she applied for an Australia Awards Scholarship to provide more effective urban services in mid-sized cities in developing countries. 
Ninik says Jayapura is a growth centre in eastern Indonesia, an international economic hub for the Pacific region and a distribution centre for all cities and regions in Papua and West Papua Province and that her research on urban governance will enhance and strengthen the planning and development process, especially in urban areas.
Ninik speaks very highly of her experiences on scholarship in Australia.
“I received full support to overcome the obstacles from my supervisor, the faculty as well as Australia Awards team at Sydney University. My primary supervisor Associate Professor Paul Jones is considered globally to be a leader in urbanisation, urban governance and management in the Pacific region.
As a result, Ninik’s success speaks for itself. She has submitted two academic papers for international publication, has presented her research at conferences in West Java, Munuich, Chairo and Sydney, was selected from more than 900 applicants to participate in an Urban Aspiration Workshop in Singapore run by NUS Singapore and UCLA Berkeley, and in February she was appointed Sydney University’s 2015 High Degree Research Student Representative from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning.
In the next five to ten years Ninik hopes to return become an influential senior manager and leader in the Indonesian Government as well as a teacher at the local universities.
“I will contribute more to a broader or higher level of governance and management to strengthen constructive and positive governance system and management,” she said.
Ninik has developed a strong connection to Australia having previously received an Australian Development Scholarship in 2003 to undertake a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, also at Sydney.
“Pursuing a degree in Australia has provided me with worldwide academic opportunities, a professional network, rich experience, good friends, and a broader understanding about my area of study as well as about my country,” she said.
Ninik is a strong believer in the positive role she and other women can play in development for Indonesia and the region as a result of their Australia Awards.
“I expect my country will be more prosperous, healthier, more organised and have an effective and efficient public service and governance,” she said.
“I’d like to thank all Australians for supporting women from developing countries to obtain a better education and skills. I hope Australia will maintain its international investment on human resource, especially women, which I believe will contribute positively to the relationship between Australia and its partners,” she said.
Last updated: March 12, 2015