How to apply

Eligibility requirements and application processes vary throughout the Australia Awards programs. Please follow the links below for detailed information about the eligibility criteria and selection process for each program. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria of the specific scholarship to which they are applying, including English language requirements.

A group of Australia Awards recipient's in conversation.

Award categories and key dates 

                                Award Application opening and closing dates Further information
Australia Awards Scholarships                            

Applications for most countries opened on 1 February 2016.

For Vanuatu, applications will open on 1 March 2016.  Please check the Australia Awards Scholarships opening and closing dates for 2017.

Applications have now closed for 2016-17 Africa Short Course Awards and Masters study.  

Australia Awards Scholarships are not offered in 2016 for Bangladesh, Bhutan, India or Nepal.

Australia Awards Scholarships                            
Australia Awards Fellowships Round 16 Australia Awards Fellowships closed on 10 March 2016. Updates on opening and closing dates for future Fellowships rounds will be available here. Australia Awards Fellowships                            
​Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships ​Applications for most countries for Round 17 opened on 1 February. For Vanuatu, applications will open on 1 March 2016. ​Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships
Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships                         

Applications for the 2017 round have now closed.

Applications for the 2018 Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowship round are expected to open in April 2017, and close on 30 June 2017.                         

Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships.
Australia Awards John Allwright Fellowships Candidates must submit their applications by 31 July of the year prior to the study taking place.                             John Allwright Fellowships                            
Australia Awards John Dillon Fellowships Applications close on 31 August of the year prior to the visit program taking place.                            


Last updated: July 29, 2016