Hadi Soesastro Prize and Allison Sudradjat Prize Winners Announced
March 28, 2017
Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP at the Hadi Soesastro and Allison Sudradjat Prize Ceremony.
Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, presented outstanding Australia Awards scholars with the Hadi Soesastro Prize and Allison Sudradjat Prize at a ceremony at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra on 27 March. 

The Hadi Soesastro Prize recipients are Ms Sri Sugiarto and Mr Abdil Mudhoffir. The Hadi Soesastro Prize honours one of Indonesia’s most eminent thinkers and economists, the late Professor Hadi Soesastro, who made major contributions to Indonesia’s development and Asia-Pacific cooperation. He helped found one of Indonesia’s leading think-tanks, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, and often served as an advisor to the Indonesian Government. He was a good friend of Australia, helping foster warm relations between the two countries. He had strong links to the Australian National University where he was an Adjunct Professor until his passing in 2010.  Two Hadi Soesastro Prizes are awarded annually.

The Allison Sudradjat Prize recipients are Mr Hans Peter Tari Herewila, Mr Sastrawan, Ms Heny Solekhah and Ms Multi Hariyani. The Allison Sudradjat Prize is named after the highly respected Australian aid official, the late Allison Sudradjat. Ms Sudradjat was Minister Counsellor in Indonesia when she died tragically in the March 2007 Yogyakarta aeroplane crash. Established in 2008, Allison Sudradjat Prizes are awarded each year to four Australia Awards scholarship recipients from Indonesia (and two from Papua New Guinea) who are judged to be outstanding scholars and current or emerging leaders.  
The prizes provide up to $25,000 to current Australia Award recipients to pursue career-related interests such as work attachments, conference attendance and leadership training to help facilitate their futures in leadership. The Hadi Soesastro Prize targets scholars completing their doctorate in the broad areas of political economy, international economic relations and development. The Allison Sudradjat Prize targets scholars completing their masters or doctorate in the fields of health, education and development.

Hadi Soesastro Prize Recipients

Abdil Mudhoffir (Mr)
Abdil is completing his doctorate at the University of Melbourne and was selected as a Hadi Soesastro Prize winner for his contribution to expanding the field of studies on Indonesia’s political economy, in particular the effect of violence exerted by non-state actors, such as terrorists and gang members, on Indonesia’s development in the democratic era.

Sri Sugiarto (Ms)
Sri is completing her doctorate at the University of Western Australia and was selected as a Hadi Soesastro Prize winner for her contribution to improving the use of antimalarial combination therapy among special groups, such as people with haemoglobin abnormalities and young children. Her work will facilitate greater Indonesian research collaboration with global malaria eradication efforts.

Allison Sudradjat Prize Recipients

Multi Hariyani (Ms)
Multi is studying a Master of Education at Monash University. In 2004, she participated in the DFAT-funded Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program, during which she volunteered as an Indonesian teacher at Port Lincoln Primary School. Multi is a senior teacher at the Australian Independent School in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Her goal is to work in the Ministry of Education to improve early childhood education, which is her great passion.

Hans Peter Tari Herewila (Mr)
Hans is studying a Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne. He did his undergraduate degree in East Java, obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery. He has worked with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and companies in eastern Indonesia, and is passionate about the provision of health services to remote communities. 

Sastrawan (Mr)
Sastrawan is undertaking a PhD at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Monash University. His research centres on the relationship between Indonesian nurses’ personal integrity and its practical application in their professional roles. He was previously awarded an Australia Award scholarship to undertake a Master of Health Administration at Curtin University of Technology, before returning to work in senior health institute roles on Lombok.

Heny Solekhah (Ms)
Heny is undertaking a Master of Education at Flinders University. She majored in English Education at the State Institute for Islamic Studies in Walisongo (Central Java) and rose rapidly to become Principal of a pre-school in Kendal, Central Java. She remains active in a number of English language teaching projects with NGOs in Central Java.
Last updated: March 28, 2017