RDI Conference addresses fundamental need for cross-sector collaboration in sustainable development
June 15, 2017
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`Nations should not turn inwards. We face challenges greater than any one country’ - Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Ms Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Ms Helen Clark, promoted the benefits of cross-sector collaboration in delivering the Sustainable Development Agenda, saying `Nations should not turn inwards. We face challenges greater than any one country’.

Combining expertise from professionals in the field with innovative ideas and studies, the conference explored the themes of collaboration, coordination and solidarity, identifying the positive effect that transformative partnerships can have on sustainable development.

Researchers, practitioners, government and private sector representatives discussed the challenges and opportunities that face us in supporting civil society. An integrated approach across sectors, rather than operating as silos, was widely seen as best practice to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Several talented Australia Awards scholars presented on a variety of development policy agendas, considering the challenges they face in modern research and innovative approaches to utilising partnerships. Their papers explored the changing shape of development around the globe and the many programs building effective partnerships to confront these challenges.

Highlighting the importance of trust, transparency, rigour and proper collaboration in partnership, the RDI Conference gave attendees the tools to implement a proper framework and contribute towards the SDGs with peer institutions and organisations.

For further information on the presenters and the themes of the RDI Conference, please see here: http://www.rdiconference2017.org.au/

Last updated: June 15, 2017