Roundtable with Dr Steven Barraclough, Minister-Counsellor, Australian Embassy, Jakarta
April 20, 2017


In April, New Colombo Plan (NCP) alumni and Australia Awards students from Indonesia came together with Dr Steven Barraclough, Minister-Counsellor at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, for a roundtable discussion on the Australia-Indonesia relationship.
The roundtable, an initiative of the NCP Alumni Program, provided students with an opportunity to share their perceptions of Indonesia and Australia before they took up their studies, and how these had been transformed by living and studying abroad.
NCP alumni emphasised the importance of travelling beyond the big cities in Indonesia to get a more complete understanding of the country and its people, while the Australia Awards scholars noted the influence of media in creating misguided perceptions about each country.
The roundtable discussion highlighted the importance of sharing some of the smaller stories that reflect the nature of the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship beyond major news events or formal government interactions.
In order to build and strengthen their networks, Australia Awards scholars are invited to networking events and development opportunities—like this roundtable discussion—while studying in Australia.
The NCP complements the Australia Awards by creating a genuine two-way exchange of students between Australia and the region. It also encourages strengthened engagement between current Australia Awards scholars and NCP alumni who have since returned to Australia.
Last updated: April 21, 2017